If you close your eyes and imagine a yellow door, it will immediately appear next to you. The invisible path that looks like islands, will lead you to the illuminated door. Pull the handle and open the door. At first a very bright light will dazzle, and soon you will see an endless surface, which hovers in the white air space. That’s where the Masholandese live.  

Masholand, likewise other worlds, is inhabited by different various creatures. Each one of them have a fantastic imagination - whatever they imagine will grow out of the surface and will stay there until their wish disappears. Masholandese never get mean thoughts. That’s why they always live in a kind and harmonious environment.

As soon as you get there, you should search for the three-headed sage, who will teach you and help you develop your imagination. After this you can live freely and happily in Masholand. There are many hiding places in Masholand, but loosing track, falling off or harming yourself is impossible.

In order to leave Masholand you should once again imagine the yellow door and peacefully go in. Do not bother taking objects with you - as soon as you cross the door, everything will disappear except your elevated mood.

 The Map of Masholand -  https://goo.gl/OQoNbY

The Map of Masholand - https://goo.gl/OQoNbY