New-Year's Shop

  • Masholand 42 Vasil Barnov Street Tbilisi, Tbilisi Georgia

The last month of the year 2015 is here, so Masholand together with the "Applied Arts Studio" is inviting you to our two-day New-Year's shop, where we will provide you with the cozy atmosphere, hot tea and the "Stone-Eater's Delicasies".

At the shop you can purchase:
▲ Greeting Cards
▲ Christmas Tree Toys
▲ Christmas Room Decorations
▲ Decorative Tiles
▲ And Much More:)

We are waiting for you from the December 14-16 (13:00-20:00) 
Address: Barnovi Str.42
For the additinal information please write us or contact: (+995) 593 220 511