Masholand x Mzesumzira records

We had a pleasure to collaborate with Mzesumzira Records for their Vol.2 Album cover. Mzesumzira festival is one of our favorite music festivals in Georgia. Check out the album here.

Masholand x Cheeseboat 

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn there is a small cool restaurant serving different versions of Georgian traditional food "Acharuli Khachapuri" - Cheeseboat (Check them out here!). Lately, there has been a fuss about this delicious cheesy food and restaurant in NYC. Even New Yorker and insider was talking about them. So, with the help of social media, they got hold on Masholand and asked us to collaborate. We had a tone of fun creating illustrations to express the diverse societies in Brooklyn and their love of CheeseBoats. 

Masholand x Plantshop fabrika

We hand-painted a couple of flower pots for Plantshop Fabrika.

Masholand & TBC bank

TBC bank has given me a chance to participate in their two cool projects #წერექართულად and #გამარჯობა . Because of them, Masholand is on the first and 8th page of the New Year calendar. As well as that, Masholand designed t-shirts are available for the large audiences. (Purchase t-shirts: (More about the calendar:

Moreover, Masholand designed a couple of things in their Marketing office interior. Don't forget to check out the video below. 

Masholand in TBC bank's marketing department.